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Spaetzle with Roasted Butternut Squash, Pancetta & Sage


Spaetzle, or the German version of little dumplings, won me over at first bite. They’re heftier, more dense than Italian pasta, and their short, ridged, rustic shapes are so satisfying to sink your teeth into. Simply toss them in butter and herbs, and they make the perfect accompaniment to a hearty roast; they can also be dressed up with vegetables, meat, and/or cheese for a most delectable dish on their own. Continue reading

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Creamy Roasted Pumpkin, Pancetta & Sage Pasta


Fall is definitely in the air. Strolling through backstreets of Berlin, I see yellowing leaves swirl and tumble from the trees and crunch underfoot. Another hearty, warming meal with seasonal flavors of fall is in order tonight. Continue reading