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Swedish Pancakes with Strawberries

CrepesSquareTSTWith Mother’s Day around the corner, I thought I’d revisit this tried-and-true recipe with a fresh spring topping. The special moms in your life deserve breakfast in bed, don’t they? What’s better than fresh crepe-like Swedish pancakes, warm from the pan, and topped with whipped cream and strawberries? If it’s your day, moms, and you’re not sure what awaits you on Sunday morning, you might want to print this recipe out and leave it somewhere conspicuous. These are similar to traditional French crepes, but have slightly more eggs and less flour in them — making them easier to cook, springier in texture, and more flavorful, in my opinion. For more topping ideas and tips, please visit my original posting for Swedish Pancakes with Sweet Clementine Sauce. Enjoy!

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Parenting and Letting Go: Lessons from a Chocolate Cloud Cake

IMG_4422On occasions that call for a special dessert, I most often turn to a recipe for Chocolate Cloud Cake in my Nigella Lawson cookbook, Nigella Bites. It’s a bit labor-intensive, but not dauntingly so. It requires some focused attention to let the chocolate melt slowly and incorporate other ingredients, a vigorous whisking of the egg whites to achieve the right structure, and a gentle touch to fold the whites into the chocolate just so. Continue reading