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Rose-Scented Plum Compote with Cardamom Ice Cream

PlumCardamomTST2Last year around this time, I began The Seasoned Traveler, not knowing a thing about blogging and uncertain where it might take me. This year-long adventure has been an amazing experience, one that has taught me a lot about food, photography, and writing, and brought me much joy as a creative outlet, but I’ve decided it’s time to travel onward and tend to new (and old) things. Thank you, all of you who supported and followed my cooking trials, let me open my heart up to you and share 150+ varied recipes along the way. Continue reading



Cardamom Ice Cream with Warm Ginger Drizzle


It seemed the sky could not make up its mind today, changing from warm morning sunshine to chilly afternoon downpours, then back to sunshine. I was content watching these transformations from inside as I made — and taste-tested — a batch of cardamom ice cream and a warm ginger drizzle to top it. Continue reading